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With decades of first-hand international maritime experience, and in our pursuit of comprehensive transparency the founding members developed a blueprint & vision of establishing a company that would move away from and challenge the traditions within the industry through tailored, exclusive Maritime Logistics and Cargo Services. With aligned objectives and an explicit understanding of the maritime industry, our founding team ensured that Sea Breeze Maritime, LLC became and becomes the recommended Maritime Service Provider of choice in the Caribbean.

With many years of direct worldwide oceanic experience, and in our quest for thorough straightforwardness the establishing founders built up a diagram and vision of building up an organization that would move away from and challenges the customs inside the business through customized, selective Maritime Logistics and Cargo Services. With adjusted targets and an unequivocal comprehension of the oceanic business, our accomplished group guaranteed that Sea Breeze Maritime, LLC turned into the suggested Maritime Service Provider of the decision within the Caribbean.

Our purpose at Sea Breeze Maritime, LLC is to be the most respected Maritime Transportation service company. We treat each customer with integrity, dignity, and honesty. We uphold the belief that it is always the right time to do what is right. SBM is here to serve our customers as they deserve. Our past experience has taught us that the service industry has become complacent in its service offering resulting in a widespread decline in customer attentiveness.


Our service proposals not only challenge this aspect directly but compel us to develop bespoke solutions for our customers. SBM continuously develops and improves its solutions to ensure the delivery of specialized maritime services to our customers. A professional approach is essential in any business and we believe that SBM can truly become your value-added partner of choice.


Our motivation at Sea Breeze Maritime, LLC is to be the most regarded Maritime Transportation administration organization within the Islands. We treat every client with uprightness, poise, and genuineness. We maintain the conviction that it is consistently the opportune time to make the wisest decision. SBM is here to serve our clients as they merit. Our past experience has instructed us that the administration business has gotten self-satisfied in their administration offering to bring about an across-the-board decrease in client mindfulness.


Our administration recommendations challenge this angle straightforwardly as well as constrain us to create bespoke answers for our clients. SBM ceaselessly creates and improves its answers to guarantee the conveyance of particular sea administrations to our clients. An expert approach is basic in any business and we accept that SBM can really turn into your worth included accomplice of decision.

Each and every client of SBM can depend on us to keep up with their demands. We will strive for constant improvement in the company, and ourselves by challenging conventional thinking and embracing technology. We will always move ahead proactively pursuing solutions that deliver improved results. We will strive to exceed every customer’s expectations. We utilize well-maintained, operational vessels with weekly and monthly rates and custom-built logistics solutions as customers desire. We also provide bare-boat charters, long-term charters, and lease purchases.


SBM is honored to work together with all its clients to solve all of their maritime transport needs. We safely and efficiently solve your problems as a turnkey industrial contractor, managing projects from concept to fruition. Whether we’re working on Major Transports, Humanitarian Crisis, or other Special Projects, we offer civil engineering, logistics, and project management, along with the heavy-duty tools to make your vision a reality.


As one of the main vessel Owners, Managers, Operators within the Caribbean & South America, based out of Miami, Florida, SBM has a coordinated fleet of general cargo vessels, RoRo/LoLo vessels, supply vessels, and landing crafts, Tug & Barge, ferry’s, medium size Fuel Tankers to provide quick and seamless transportation to most areas that are unreachable by many big vessels. We are able to provide services to most of the remote areas within the Caribbean. With the capabilities of our low draft vessels, we are able to service a majority of functional and non-functional ports within the Caribbean as well. Our bold strategy places us at the forefront of this industry and through utilizing ingenuity, inventiveness, and intuitive thinking we can mold our service around your needs.


Every single customer of SBM can rely upon us to stay aware of their requests. We will take a stab at the consistent improvement in the organization, and ourselves by testing regular reasoning and grasping innovation. We will consistently push forward proactively seeking after arrangements that convey improved outcomes. We will endeavor to surpass each client’s desires. We use well-kept up, operational vessels with week after week and month to month rates, and specially fabricated coordination arrangements as clients want. We additionally give uncovered pontoon contracts, long-haul sanctions, and rent buys.


SBM is regarded to cooperate with every one of its customers to comprehend the entirety of their sea transport needs. We securely and productively take care of your issues as a turnkey mechanical temporary worker, overseeing ventures from idea to realization. Regardless of whether we’re dealing with Major Transports, Humanitarian Crisis, or other Special Projects, we offer structural designing, coordination’s and task to the executives, alongside the rock-solid apparatuses to make your vision a reality.


As one of the primary vessel Owners, Managers, Operators inside the Caribbean and South America, SBM has an organized armada of general load vessels, RoRo/LoLo vessels, supply vessels, and landing make Tug and Barge, ferry’s, Fuel Tankers to give brisk and consistent transportation to most regions that are inaccessible by numerous enormous vessels. We can give administrations to the majority of the remote regions inside the Caribbean. With the abilities of our low draft vessels, we can support a lion’s share of useful and non-utilitarian ports inside the Caribbean. Our strong methodology places us at the cutting edge of this industry and through using creativity, imagination, and instinctive reasoning we can form our administration around your needs.