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With decades of first-hand international maritime experience, and in our pursuit of comprehensive transparency the founding members developed a blueprint & vision of establishing a company that would move away from and challenge the traditions within the industry through tailored, exclusive Maritime Logistics and Cargo Services.

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Strategic Services

Bulk Cargo

Shipping your bulk items made easy.

Oil and Gas Freight

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RoRo Freight

Roll On/Roll Off Freight Service

Perishable Cargo

Shipping food stuff items? We have affordable solutions.

Logistice Services

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Ship Management Services

Building trust, thru our performance, helping to shape a better maritime future.

Sea Breeze Maritime, LLC. is a leading provider of ship management services throughout the Caribbean. We have been working with shipowners and our clients for over 20 years, driven by our passion for ships. We are committed and engage in all areas of ship management, crew management and technical services for all types and sizes of ships.